RTK #1394

RTK #1394 image

  • Stroke count: 13

  • Reading: ゲキ

  • They won’t let me in The Pinnacle, but I can see a little bit of sun through this little chink in the wall. Hmm, maybe I could make this chink bigger…

  • There was only one chink in his plan. Even standing atop the highest pinnacle, standing above even the sun, the little man was still just as little as when he was under the sun.

  • From the pinnacle 阝of the hill, he could just see the sun 日 peeking through two 小 little 小 chinks in the clouds. 間隙、かんげき, gap; 隙間、すきま, crevice, crack, gap: 塀の隙間から猫が入ってきました, “A cat came in through the gap in the fence.”

  • Man those little chinks can do anything! They were the first to build rockets, and by launching one off the top of the highest pinnacle in China, one little chink was the first to ride above the sun, and see all the little chinks below!

  • Each day I make little chinks in my progress toward the pinnacle.


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